Advanced Endodontic Course


May 10th, 11th and 12th


1 microscope per participant

3 days course

3 hotel nights (single room per student)

3 lunches and coffee-breaks

Whatssap group to share cases and expose doubts

All the material needed for the course

Course Notebook with all the slides

7 - days money back guarantee (if you don't like the course, you have 7 days to ask for all your money back)


This Advanced Endodontics Course is intended for colleagues who already have some experience in this discipline. Ideally, you should have already completed a basic course.

In this training, you will have at your disposal

- 1 microscope per student
- 1 endodontic motor per student
- 1 ultrasonic unit per student
- Specific ultrasonic tips for file removal
- An obturation system
- Files and other basic materials for the course

The students must bring teeth with the coronary opening performed.


In each module a theoretical and a practical pre-clinical component will be given.


With this training the student should be able to remove several types of posts, know when and how to remove a fractured instrument, make an apical barrier with MTA and acquire the basic knowledge to perform apical surgery.


A notebook with all the lectures will be made available.
Support will be given in planning and solving clinical cases.

It is expected that at the end of this course the student will increase their efficiency, speed and safety in the treatment of complex cases in endodontics.

All the necessary material for the course will be provided. However, each student must still bring a minimum of 5 teeth with the access cavity performed, in order to perform some exercises.


All students who meet the basic requirements receive a certificate issued by FROMROOTS - Endodontics School and certified by DGERT.


The Course has a value of 2000 euros (VAT free)

Payment is made as follows:
750€ upon registration and 1250€ one month before the start of the course.

If you need a different payment plan, please send an email to [email protected].

Payment can be made by card, PayPal or bank transfer:

IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 4549 6095 3680 5 - Palestra decisiva - formação médica LDA.


In case of cancellation by the participant:

3 months before the course starts, 100% of the value will be refunded;

2 months before the course starts, 50% of the value will be refunded;

1 month before the course starts, the value won't be refunded.


Day 1

Introduction to the microscope, perforations, ledges and posts removal.

Morning - Theory
- Advantages and how to use the microscope.
- Perforations repair.
- Tips and tricks for complications and complex cases: canal location, ledges, desobturation, posts removal.

Afternoon - Practice
- Practice using the microscope
- Resolution of perforations and ledges
- Screw-posts and fiber posts removal under microscope.

Day 2

Open apex and Broken files

Morning - Theory
- Why instruments fracture?
- How to avoid fracturing instruments.
- Techniques for removing broken instruments and bypass.
- Approach to teeth with open apex.

Afternoon - Practice
- Removing broken instruments under microscope.
- Broken instruments bypass.
- Performing apical barrier with MTA and other bioceramics.

Day 3

Micro-endodontic surgery

Morning - Theory
- Prognosis
- Indications and contraindications
- Anesthesia and hemostasis
- Flaps, Osteotomy, Apicectomy
- Retro-preparation and retro-obturation

Afternoon - Practice

- Suturing practice.
- Performing an apical microsurgery on a pig's head under microscope.

Four Portuguese Endodontists, Carlos Franco, Fábio Santiago, Luís Caetano and Mário Martins, created FromRoots Endodontics School in January 2016. Since that date they have held Endodontics courses in 5 different cities (Lisbon, Porto, Paris, Brussels and Rotterdam) with more than 500 students.
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